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General Specification

FAB Tanks Africa comprise of standard size tank panels that bolt together to form any size tank required. This unique design allows for easy transport to site. Panels are pre-punched to avoid site work such as welding and drilling.

Tank Panels

All panels size are 1220 x 1220 mm. Panels are hydraulically pressed to form a combined flange of 45° and 90° to fit the face of the plate on four sides.

Internal Bracing

Internal bracing is used inside the tank to oppose the outward forces of the water inside the tank. Internal bracing is manufactured from carbon steel and is hot dipped galvanised.

Bolts, Nuts & Washers

All fasteners are high tensile, grade 8.8.

Roof Covers

All roof sheeting is cut and formed as per the size of the tank. Roof sheeting is fitted from one end of the tank to the other to improve seal ability. All tanks come with a lockable access manhole.

Sealants & Rubbers

Pre-punched rubber gasket is used between the panels together with non toxic sealants to achieve optimum sealing of the tanks.

Corrosion Protection

All tank components are hot dipped galvanised including all fasteners.

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