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Why Our Tanks?

Fab Tanks Africa offer solutions to help with all your water storage requirements. Our goal is to offer the best value for money tank, all the while offering exceptional service and an even better product that you can rely on. We are happy to assist with any project what you may require

High Quality Water Tanks

High Quality

Modular Tank Design

Modular Design

Lockable Water Tank Access

Lockable Access

Water Tank Safety Ladders

Safety ladders

Water Tank Level Indicators

Level Indicators

Galvinized Steel Water Tanks

Galvinised Steel

Circular Tanks South Africa
All FAB Tanks come standard with the following:
  • Our Circular FAB Tanks are easy to install since each item is lightweight this also means that the assembly time is also less making circular tanks low cost water storage options.
  • Our Circular Tanks require minimal site preparation including the fact that concrete foundation is not required, but rather are installed on stable, flat base covered by sand.
  • Our Circular tank roof is cambered to allow water and dust run off

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